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What are the four major characteristics “DOES” that are also the characteristics of HSP?

Speaking of HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), I think the first thing that comes to mind is that it is “delicate”. However, there are several other representatives of HSP’s temperament, and there is a definition of the four major characteristics “DOES” summarized by Dr. Elaine Aaron, the proponent of HSP. On this page, I will explain the details of “DOES”.

You can know mean of “DOES” in this page.

What is DOES defined by HSP?

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According to the definition by Dr. Elaine Aaron who advocated HSP, the characteristics of HSP are classified into four.Each English acronym is called DOES.

D (Depth of processing)

O (being easily overstimulated)

E (being both Emotionally reactive generally and having high Empathy in particular)

S (being aware of Subtle Stimuli)

If you don’t fit all the four, you may be a little different from HSP.

D: Deep of processing

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Since HSP tries to think deeply about everything and process it, you are good at instantly interpreting the small changes of the other person and the real part from the nuances and facial expressions of words with sharp insight and intuition.

This isn’t a deliberate