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3 ways HSP needs to do for multitasking

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is basically not good at doing multiple things in parallel at once (multitasking).

It is easy for HSP to store information in your head, and because of the temperament of thinking deeply and processing it, it is risky for HSP to try to do multiple things at the same time.

On this page, I will describe three ways that HSP needs for multitasking.

Three ways HSP needs to do for multitasking ① Prioritize

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that you still have time to spare.

This prioritization is very important for HSP, and if you can prioritize and proceed, you will be able to exert your strength because the work ability itself is not inferior.

The most important thing to think about is the importance of the order, beside the urgency.

If you recognize that all the work and things that you are not good at recognizing are urgent and important, you will get a flat tire.

When accepting something, first check how long it will take and then listen to it.

Three ways HSP needs to do for multitasking ② Visualize tasks on paper or PC

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HSP is anxious about being invisible and has a stress-prone temperament.

If you have a lot of tasks and are about to stop, first write down the tasks you have to do on paper, or type them into a PC document to visualize them. Let’s get started.

If you try to write it out, the path to the end will become clearer and you will not feel stress in the current state of multitasking.

Three ways HSP needs to do for multitasking ③ Always have enough time to spare

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If you are not in a hurry when someone asks you to do so, let’s set a deadline for about a day.

If the other person is in a hurry and you can’t do it even if you’re stuck with a plan that you should do it early, you may lose the trust of the other person.

Having a margin in the schedule is also an important key in terms of risk management.

After reading, 3 ways HSP needs to do for multitasking