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10 ways to switch feelings recommended for HSP

If you have an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) temperament, it may be difficult for you to switch between feelings because you always think about various things.

However, it is stressful to live while dragging things that are not good for you.

Today I will list the actions that HSPs need to change their feelings.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP ① Do not force your emotions

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HSPs tend not to be selfish because they read too much about their feelings and the atmosphere. Therefore, it is difficult for people around you to understand that you have to put up with it and have sad feelings and stress.

In such a case, try crying hard, yelling out loud (in a place that does not bother others), or invest yourself in a head spa or go shopping to relieve stress.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP② Write in a notebook or talk to people

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If a HSP who is stressed or endured is looking at this article, please talk about your feelings to friends and family or write it in a notebook and verbalize it.

Even if you can’t find a concrete solution, it’s often a little easier or better to put it into words.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP ③ Go to a place for the first time and see the art

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HSP is sensitive and will give you new power in beautiful scenery, art and travel destinations and will give you vitality for tomorrow.

It is important for HSP to stay at home and be pensive alone.

Sometimes you stay at home all the time and your negative feelings grow even more.

By touching things and places that you haven’t seen before, you will be able to think positively.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP ④ Get a good night’s sleep when you get tired

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It is said that people with HSP temperament tend to sleep better than non-HSP. It may be that you are tired without noticing whether you are accumulating fatigue because you are thinking about various things, or whether it is stress caused by stimulation.

However, this fatigue can be recovered by getting a good night’s sleep, and it is recommended to stop the stimulus and take a rest on a bed or a futon to change your mood.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑤ Don’t worry about confusion

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HSP is prone to negative emotions at the end of work or when you feel worried. For example, when you’re talking to people, you’re skeptical that something is wrong.

What comes to mind may not always be what you really want to think about. It’s natural that it may float and disappear.

Try not to focus on small swaying movements.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑥ Exercise

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Moderate exercise has a mental refreshing effect, increasing heart rate and activating sympathetic nerves. The more sympathetic dominance you have, the more motivated you are to things and the more positive you can be in your daily life.

By feeling refreshed after exercising, it is also effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases and preventing obesity.

Make a habit of sweating to make your day better.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑦ Mindfulness

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Some may think, “I don’t use my head so much,” but the cause of brain fatigue is miscellaneous. It is said that 60% of the energy consumption of the brain is when thinking about confusion. (As mentioned above)

It’s like a wasteful idling of a car.

In such a case, mindfulness is recommended.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑧ Eat what you like

woman holding fork in front table

For humans, eating is a routine every day.

If you are not feeling well, I recommend you to take the plunge to try what you like.

Stress hormones can be frustrating on an empty stomach, but eating a meal is said to relieve them.

Especially if you like the food, the effect will be greater.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑨ Recognize that the past cannot be changed

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HSPs tend to remember to drag on past events and what others have said.

However, even if you actually think about the past and get caught up in it, the future is unlikely to improve.

And even if you think about what happened in the past, you cannot change the past.

In order to recognize this fact in your head, it will be easier for your brain to recognize it by saying “I can’t change it from the past” and “I don’t think about the past”.

How to switch feelings recommended for HSP⑩ Try to keep a pet

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If you can’t get rid of something you don’t like, it’s a good idea to create an environment where you can concentrate on other things, along with a method of calling on the inner part.

Specifically, it can be to have time to keep pets and interact with animals.

HSP is very conscientious and can be kind to animals. Watching animals with cute movements may make you feel happy.