Is HSP with HSS type a genius?

Some people call it genius when considering the temperament of HSP with HSS type, but what about the actual situation?

I am a strong HSP with HSS type, but of course I don’t think of myself as a genius.
But why is HSP with HSS type said to be a genius?

On this page, I will consider the reason and whether HSP with HSS type is actually a genius.

What is HSP with HSS type (HSP with High Sensation Seeking)?

It is an HSP temperament, but on the contrary, it is an active and stimulating temperament, and it refers to a seemingly complicated type of HSP that has two temperaments.

but is said to be outgoing and sociable from and friends, who the friends of a really delicate
are dating to choose is Luke.

・ Bright and high tension, but I’m worried afterwards with just one word
・ I can make friends immediately, but I will make a distance from myself over time
・ I have some confidence and pride even though my self-affirmation is low
・ Curiosity Strong heart but more alert than others
・ Suddenly burned out and I don’t want to do anything

It’s tiring because of the conflicting temperaments, but that curiosity is a great force to experience new things.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ① Why is it called genius?

There seems to be a reason like writing about the point that HSP with HSS type is considered to be a genius.

Ability to act more than average
A heart that pursues what you want to do

In general, HSP with HSS type is very curious and has an excellent ability to cultivate without hesitation even if no one has done it with your own ability to act.
HSP with HSS type will act for what you want to do by believing in your intuition.

The energy is something that keeps others away, and many people are involved in launching new businesses in companies and are recommended as leaders in teams.
Seeing this, non-HSP people may call it genius for what they can’t do.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ② Self-evaluation is low

There are not many people who openly profess that they are geniuses, probably because of the delicacy of HSP.

I think that is because HSP is good at self-analysis and understands both what you are good at and what you cannot do.

Some people may be enthusiastic that “I am amazing” when you are young, but as you get older, you will experience setbacks and failures, so that aspect will be suppressed.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ③ Gifted?

Gifted is “a child who has superior abilities in a wide range of fields such as academics, language ability, memory, artistry, and creativity compared to children of the same age.”

It is true that there are many similar points compared to HSP, but high learning ability does not necessarily apply to the definition of HSP, so I personally see it as a difference.

It is a recognition that it is not an HSP with HSS type because it has excellent childhood ability.
As I said, I also remember that the results of the art and craftsmanship that made the production were not good.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ④ Extraordinary ability to act

HSP with HSS type has a wonderful ability to act when there is a link between what you want to do and what the surroundings and society need, and you may feel that you are truly a genius.

I have seen many people who have moved overseas and lived with HSP with HSS type, not only in Japan.

Also, being able to take action as soon as you think about it is one of your talents.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ⑤ Do not spare self-improvement

HSP with HSS type does not stop the effort for oneself.
Always be interested in new things and try to get to know them deeply.

Therefore, as a result, I think you can think that you have a little more knowledge about various things than other people.

Increasing such knowledge will be a point where HSP with HSS type feels worth living for life, so those who are aware that they are HSP with HSS type regularly input and output knowledge. Let’s do it.

Think about whether HSP with  HSS type is genius ⑥ Good at work from 0 to 1

For HSP with HSS type, saying “nobody is doing” or “no know-how” does not make you give up when you start something.

Rather, if the predecessor has not arrived, it will be possible to motivate you to take action.

In particular, the range of activities is wide, such as starting a business, opening an atelier, or moving overseas.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ⑦ Do not hesitate to make efforts

I talked about HSP with HSS type being good at starting things from scratch, but what you are good at is a story that includes efforts.

No matter how painful it may be, you can work hard and sweat for the future you envision.

However, the characteristic is that you are vulnerable to stimuli, so rather than involving the people around you, you’re doing what you can do by yourself, and the people around you look at your backs. Is it an image that things happen unconsciously?

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ⑧ Easy to get tired

HSP with HSS type can exert your explosive energy for what you are interested in, but the period when you can show its performance is limited.

In my experience, I feel like I can do anything for a long time, and a short week.

It can be said that this stimulating state causes fatigue to accumulate physically and mentally, which makes you tired.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ⑨ Can cooperate with others

It is an HSP with HSS type that can be willing to overcome the situation by yourself, but this is not so much a selfishness as you are able to make an optimal plan for yourself while working on the opinions of others.

Many people cite the high degree of cooperation as a major feature of HSP temperament, but it can be said that it is a talent to be able to start discussions from Yes to the opinions of others and customize it.

Think about whether HSP with HSS type is genius ⑩ Tears are fragile

This is often seen around me as an HSP with HSS type, but I sometimes feel that my tears are fragile.

It feels like tears can be shed in public, whether happy or regrettable.
It may be that the brain reacts sensitively to the stimulus of joy and regret.

Thinking about whether HSP with HSS type is genius           <Experience story>

I am a strong HSP with HSS, but I don’t think I am a genius.
Rather, I am the type who finds it difficult to achieve things without effort.
As for my experience, when I was a university student, I encountered a hobby that few people were doing in Japan at that time and devoted myself to it.

Of course, I didn’t have any tools or friends to get started, but honestly, I remember that I didn’t feel any negative effects.

I think that the fact that no one knows it is convenient because there is no strangeness.
Other than that, I have been working on it as my specialty to start facing the fact that there is no ground .

Thinking about whether HSP with HSS type is genius – Summary

When talking about whether HSP with HSS type is genius, whether the person is genius or not is only a part of the evaluation from the surroundings.

As mentioned above, I don’t see many HSP with HSS type with high self-evaluation.
However, there are many HSPs in the world, so some people may say such things by themselves.

It is very important for HSP with HSS type to be aware of your talents and develop them.
Even if the people around you notice it, it is best to have an environment where you can continue with confidence without becoming too teased.